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Simpler (understood) Times

Here is an interesting short (under 15 min) video about Thanksgiving in 1951. I am very interested in propaganda and in this piece the narrator, played by the father of a quintessential family, explains to his kids why they a turkey is not the True meaning of Thanksgiving. For it’s time it seems quite progressive, to lambast materialism, for the freedoms and lucky circumstances that one should be thankful for. But it is still 1951 where men are the seen as the sole breadwinners, and boys play sports and and girls play with dolls. This video highlights how being progressive for the time can still look archaic and un-progressed compared contemporarily.


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Obama Interview

October 2008

For later reading

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Obamas Job plan at the Beginning of Term

Nov 2008

  • “The plan will mean 2.5 million more jobs” by 2011, Obama said. His Web site clarified that the plan would “save or create” that many jobs.
  • He referred to figures out this week showing that new home purchases in October were the lowest in 50 years and that 540,000 new unemployment claims had been filed, the most in 16 years.

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Live Piracy Map

Just in case I need to know where boats are being taken over.

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McCain in his last week

OCT 24, 2008

Covering the last weekend at the end of the presidential race.

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Testing for Gender Equality

I think this this is a wonderful normative test for how far the media is coming on gender equality. The test is simple:

1. More then two women

2. Talking two each other

3. about something other then a man

Many movies and tv shows fail this test. It is not even a good goal as it doesn’t require an equal amount of women but it does put up a mirror to the social portrayals and language we use to perpetuate inequality in role-models.

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Gender Equalities ongoing goals as laid out by a man

It is good not only to reaffirm the goals of feminism, but it is also nice to see that these challenges are being addressed by a man. He lays out the following:

1. Equal pay: particularly in nursing

2. Rape Culture: end slut shamming

3. Reproductive health: A vagina is as equal as the rest of a womans body

4. Micro agressions: using language that we may not even be aware of which onlly reinforces stereotypes

5. Media Representation: 70% of actors on tv are men, the other 30% are wives and not culturally diverse enough. See: where women dont

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