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Big Board Games List

Games I and Enjoy:

Carcassonne ($35)

2-5 players

The game is played with cardboard tiles which the players build the ‘board’ as they play. On each piece there can be a road, a farm, a chapel, or a castle, or any combination of those where a token ‘follower’ can be placed. To claim the points ¬†on on of the previously mentioned things, each player must act strategically to both use their limited followers wisely and to make sure that a building they started can be claimed by them and not won over by another player.

This game is enjoyable because your strategy is somewhat reliant on luck, depending on which tile you choose. Thus it requires some strategy to not only score as many of your own points but to also be mindful of what others are doing and not help their endeavors.


Castle Panic ($23)

1-4 players

This is a cooperative game where players must defeat all of the monsters before they slowly encroach and destroy their castle. The board resembles a pie with different slices (with different colors) and layered sections (a soldier closest to the castle, a knight and an archer farthest away) in each slice. Each player gets 5 cards which usually corresponds to a section and a color and they must trade and strategize together to maximize each others turn by damaging or killing monsters. At the end of each players turn monsters that have not been killed move in one space closer to the castle and 2 new monsters are added at random. There are a few boss monsters which can really mix things and very easily overwhelm the board making winning somewhat hard.

This game is a lot of fun, not because of the strategy, which is pretty minimal but in the co-op aspect of it and for the fact that you are playing against the randomness of the game and loosing is a somewhat common occurrence.

Dominion: Base ($32)


Dominion: Alchemy ($22)

Dominion: Prosperity ($24)

Dominion: Seaside ($25)

Fiasco ($27)

Rory’s Story Cubes ($8)

Games I’ve Played and Want to Get:

Forbidden Desert ($25)

Small World ($40)

Castle Panic: Wizards Tower Expansion ($16)

Bears ($16)

Netrunner ($27)

Settlers of Catan ($38)

Games I want to Get or Check Out:

Dominion: Dark Ages ($26)

Dominion: Cornucopia ($21)

Dominion: Hinterlands ($29)

Takenoko ($37)

Twilight Struggle ($47)

Innovation ($20)

Say Anything ($18)

Wits and Wagers ($25)

Werewolf ($12)

Telestrations ($23)

Pillars of the Earth ($49)

King of Tokyo ($32)

No Thanks ($18)

Love Letter ($10)

Munchkin ($26)

Shadows Over Camelot ($43)

Resistance Avalon ($16)

Pandemic ($40)

Ticket To Ride: Europe ($39)

Puerto Rico ($30)

K2 ($56)

Smash Up ($24)

Powergrid ($33)

Firefly: The Board Game ($48)

Go ($25)

Dixit ($21)

Flux ($14)

Other Games from BGG top 100

1960: The Making of a President (N/A)

Terra Mystica

Through The Ages: A Story of Civilization


Earth Reborn

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

7 Wonders

Risk: Legacy

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

Age of Steam

Stone Age

Civilization: The Board Game

Arkham Horror

Merchants and Mauraders


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